Why Choose Us?
AMOS has been running children’s homes since 2007
Why Choose AMOS?

AMOS has been running children’s homes since 2007, and have substantial experience of working mainly with older young people who are considered hard to reach and hard to place and young people having emotional and challenging behaviours.


We now utilise transferrable skills and knowledge in to supported living services.  Young people will need a service provider who will meet both housing needs and respond to a user group with a history of personal and emotional problems.

At AMOS we believe Local Authorities have made significant investments in children and young people during the course of them becoming looked-after; this investment should not be lost due to a young person being placed in inappropriate accommodation; we will continue this investment into the housing needs of young people.

Five Reasons To Choose AMOS

1.   As a provider we aim higher for better outcomes for all young people who use our resources.  Amos hopes to invest in young people, cultivate their ideas, and raise their aspirations by providing them with a greater understanding of the opportunities available to them with direct correlation to building safer stronger communities.

2.   Amos can help Local Authorities to reduce the need to place 16+ children in higher cost residential children’s homes.  In most cases we have found Local Authorities can use this service to make the appropriate reductions and reduce service levels without risk to users. 

3.   Together we can strive for the right outcomes with reduced costs without compromising the quality of care or service delivery; this is a flexible support that can benefit the service purchaser and the recipient service users.

4.   Local Authorities can expect Amos Managers to provide underpinning knowledge of child development and social work practice and adhere to statutory guidelines and minimum standards to maintain, promote and raise standards.

5.   At the forefront of our practice is the principle to safeguard vulnerable children and young people.  We will work in partnership with lead professionals conforming to information sharing whilst operating within boundaries of confidentiality to safeguard young people, understanding delay in sharing information may create further risk or anxiety.


We have a single objective, striving to invest our energy and resources into helping children and young people overcome their problems.

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