Adolescent Accommodation
Supported Independent Living

We offer two types of accommodation; Residential and Supported Independent Living.   Both these services are aimed at young people aged 15-17 years of age; the type of service that will be required is dependent upon the needs of the young person.  For example, a young person that needs accommodation in a home that has smaller numbers of children placed, the residential service would be the most appropriate, or if a young person is near to leaving care but still has support needs that are specific to life skills development and living independently, then the Supported Independent Living programme would be best suited.

AMOS's 16 + Non-Residential social care solution provides specialist transitional housing accommodation for young people aged 16-17 years who have been assessed as having on-going support needs.   The service is targeted at young people with mild learning disabilities, a history of mental health problems and young people who are looked after or at the cusp of leaving care.   The service is also available to young people who are presented as homeless to Children’s Services or who are known to the Youth Offending Services and are at risk of re-offending or at the edge of custody and being released from custody and assessed as having additional support needs.  

The programme of support includes onsite housing concierge and mentors.   This allows young people to be able to receive the clearest, most realistic picture of their current situation until semi-independent living becomes a successful habit and young people gain the necessary skills for them to live independently in the community.

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